mystery persons notes

about the evil "circus"

this i s a warning! DO NOT go to "monstum zirkus" n ot sure howw long ill have access to this site but ill try to up load whats left of th e footage from my c amera its pretty fried

found this old n ews paper cliping from the 50-60s why are there so meny people flocking to this place it must be mind control or something

found this one on some old scan in a facebook how old can this place be

this is from the begin ning when i first started to get close

think this waas som e kinda peting zoo that hand thing got way to close that tim e i dont wan t to kn ow what will happen if it gets me

tried to get som e of the color back this one. this is in side a train car at the back of the main tent connected to it that thing was was moving

in side the m ain tent. i dont remem ber anyone there

ii doonn t rem ember tthis